Developer Projects and Real Estate Law

We operate in developer projects and in real estate law, where we especially


We provided consultation for a client in the transfer of lands in the value of EUR 8,500,000.

We performed comprehensive legal audit of the lands serving for developer construction projects of housing units in Koliba, together with preparation of the legal documentation for their transfer.

In a number of legal proceedings, we have successfully represented our client upon filing restitution claims regarding lands located in the surroundings of Bratislava.

We cooperate with a real estate agency that we provide complete preparation of legal documentation to.

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Our team also involves tax advisers, economists, experts in different fields and bankruptcy trustees. The common goal is to solve all the requirements of the clients in the widest scope. We have completed several successful projects for a broad spectre of domestic, as well as foreign clients, for whom we have managed to find the optimal solutions considering their business objectives and financial expectations.